[拼圖] ムーミン谷のお食事会 Moomin-姆明谷的用餐派對 (ROAD)

ムーミン谷のお食事会 Moomin-姆明谷的用餐派對 / Tove Marika Jansson

Brand:  ROAD


Size:38 * 26 cm

Pieces:300 pcs

Finish date:20180421

Artist:Tove Marika Jansson









He’s an agreeable fellow who’s interested in everything he sees. The world is full of exciting things to investigate, but Moomintroll particularly loves collecting rocks and shells. He also loves the sea, as does the whole Moomin family.

Many visitors pop by the Moominhouse, and Moomintroll is always happy when he’s spending time with his friends. He has great faith in his friends and gets worried if one of them is unhappy. Moomintroll is very sensitive himself, but he never bears a grudge.

Moomintroll thinks that Moominvalley is the safest and most interesting place in the world. That’s why he’s so curious and brave – he can fulfil his desire to understand strange things and weird creatures without the need to fear them. The only thing that makes Moomintroll feel bad is being left alone.

Moomintroll is a dreamer and a thinker, and the maverick vagabond Snufkin is his best friend. Every November, when Snufkin goes south for the winter, he leaves Moomintroll a special letter. In it, he promises to return to Moominvalley on the first day of spring.

Moomintroll loves Moominmamma and his family above all else. There’s no problem that Moominmamma can’t solve. And when Moominpappa invents a good excuse for an adventure, Moomintroll is always eager to tag along. When Snorkmaiden becomes his girlfriend, Moomintroll learns that love can sometimes make you feel wistful and even downright sad.

We meet Moomintroll right away in the first Moomin book, The Moomins and the Great Flood. Moomintroll doesn’t reach adulthood during the Moomin stories, but he does grow up a lot in the book Moominland Midwinter.

Moomintroll is easily recognisable from his gentle, round appearance and the tuft on the end of his tail. All Moomins have large eyes and small ears.



Moomin是一個夢想家和思想家,特立獨行的阿金 – Snufkin是他最好的朋友,每年11月當阿金到南方過冬時,都會寫一封特別的信給Moomin,且會答應他會在春天的第一天前返回姆明谷。




Snorkmaiden is Moomintroll’s friend and playmate. They like each other a lot and love hanging out together. Snorkmaiden is happy and energetic, although her habit of suddenly changing her mind can sometimes irritate people a bit.

Snorkmaiden is a daydreamer and often imagines what her prince charming will be like. She is also a little vain and flirtatious, but can be very resourceful when she’s in a tight spot. In the book Comet in Moominland, Snorkmaiden comes up with a way to get rid of the octopus that is threatening Moomintroll.

Snork is Snorkmaiden’s brother. They are both Snorks, a species that differs slightly from the Moomins. One special characteristic of Snorks is that they always change colour according to their mood. When Snorkmaiden is upset, she turns light green.

Snorkmaiden has a fringe, which she always keeps neatly combed. She also wears a gold anklet. We first meet the Snorkmaiden in the second book of the Moomin series, Comet in Moominland, and she appears in almost all of the following books.

歌妮 – Snorkmaiden是Moomin的朋友和玩伴。他們彼此非常喜歡,喜歡一起閒逛。Snorkmaiden很活潑開心且充滿活力。雖然她常常突然改變主意的習慣有時會使人有些惱火。





Little My

Little My lives with the Moomins in the Moominhouse, even though she isn’t related to them. Little My is brave and fearless, and is eager to join the Moomins on their adventures. Sometimes she really seems to love small catastrophes.

Little My is fiery and irritable – but also happy and friendly. Small things may easily annoy her, but she never does mean things on purpose. Sometimes, when others are being overly sentimental, she brings them quickly back to earth with her acute observations.

Little My always wants to decide things for herself. Mess and untidiness don’t bother her at all: in fact, life is much more exciting that way. Being quite small, she can hide in a milk jug or amongst the ladles and whisks in a kitchen drawer. Sometimes she goes to sleep in Snufkin’s pocket.

Little My likes to find out people’s secrets, but she never reveals them to others. In spite of her wild and reckless acts, Little My is honest and reliable. She’s at home in every situation – she’s prepared for anything.

Little My was born on midsummer night. The Moomin family took her in when she was still very young. The elder Mymble is her mother and Snufkin is her half brother. She is also sister to the younger Mymble. Little My wears her bright, copper-red hair in an onion-shaped bun on top of her head and usually wears a red dress. Little My first appears in Moominpappa’s Memoirs.

小美(Little My) 與 Moomins一起生活,即使她與他們沒有關係。小美(Little My)勇敢無畏,喜歡與Moomins一起冒險。有時候,她似乎真的很喜歡小災難。




小美是仲夏夜出生的。在她很小的時候,姆明一家就把她收留了。美娜夫人是她的母親,Snufkin是她的同父異母的哥哥。她的姐姐是Mymble。小美(Little My)的頭型是洋蔥形的型狀,上面扎著明亮的銅紅色頭髮,通常穿著紅色連衣裙。



Sniff is not a Moomin, but he lives in the Moominhouse just like Little My. Although he’s eager to join in with whatever the Moomins are up to, his timidity means that he won’t do anything dangerous. He’s very good-natured and sometimes a little cowardly.

Sniff loves all valuable things and gets excited whenever he encounters some. Shiny, sparkly objects in particular fascinate him. Sniff makes many plans to get rich, even though they usually don’t succeed. Owning things is, however, very important to him – and he’s something of a gourmet, too.

Many of the Moominvalley residents couldn’t live without the sea, but Sniff is terrified of water and doesn’t even dare to go on the jetty. Sniff loves to investigate new things with others, but he soon gets tired and is always the first in the group to quit. Sniff is selfish, lazy and easily bored, and so can’t be bothered to stick at anything for very long.

It was chance that brought Sniff to the Moominhouse: his parents, The Muddler and Fuzzy, lost him when he was little, and the Moomins found him while they were searching for Moominpappa, who had gone missing. The Moomins then took Sniff in to live with them.

You can recognise Sniff by his large, pointy ears and long tail. He first joins the Moomins on their adventures in the book The Moomins and the Great Flood.

Sniff不是Moomin,但他跟Little My一樣住在Moominhouse。 雖然他渴望加入Moomins所做的一切,但他很膽小意味著他不會做任何危險的事情。他很和善,有時有些懦弱。



他的父母在他很小的時候就把他丟了,而Moomins偶然在尋找失踪的Moominpappa時找到了他。 然後,姆明夫婦就帶著大耳來和他們住在一起。




Moominvalley lies somewhere in the realm of fantasy. It is so utterly tiny, that even if a human being were to happen to come there, she would in all probability still not discover it. So much for its size. But for the Moomintoll, his family and friends, and all the other little beings of the valley, it is gigantic. For them, Moomin- valley is an exciting paradise with mountains and fore ts, oceans and islands. There, everything may occur and anything can suldenly make its appearance. Sometimes, it’s dreadfully dangerous. But there’s always this marvellous underlying sense of security, in that exciting dangers always have an amusingly happy end. And it sometimes appears that even the worst crooks have disarming weakness.


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